Knight Crest

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When used, permanently provides visibility over a certain tile.
—Description of operations featuring the Knight Crest

The Knight Crest is a deployable device in Arknights. It is a mark shaped exactly as the House Nearl's crest generated through Margaret Nearl the Radiant Knight's luminal Arts that illuminates the immediate vicinity.

Knight Crests are important in operations with the visibility mechanic as they will provide visibility on where one is deployed. Unlike the similar Custom Floating Platform, the Crest will remain even if the friendly unit on it leaves the map, which can also be useful to reveal enemies for ranged Operators.


Side Stories NL-5NL-6NL-7NL-8NL-9NL-EX-3NL-EX-4NL-EX-5NL-S-1NL-S-2NL-S-3NL-TR-2
Story Collections FD-4TB-3
Contingency Contract Grand Knight Territory Bar District
Trials for Navigator Blood and Terror


Can be deployed on melee and ranged tiles with no visibility
100 0 0 0
DP cost Redeployment time Block count Attack interval
5 5 seconds 0 N/A


Knight's Honor
Effect Initial SP SP cost Duration
After deployment, gain visibility on the deployed tile