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The Flash Grenade is one of the four Hunting Tools in A Flurry to the Flame, the crossover between Arknights and Monster Hunter, which can be used after CF-5 is cleared.

When deployed, the Flash Grenade will be thrown towards the second tile ahead of the deployment direction and emits a flash over a wide radius which Stuns enemies that are facing towards point of impact for 5 seconds; enemies facing away from said point will not be affected at all! Furthermore, certain CF enemies can be weakened by using Flash Grenades on them:

  • (Kouaku) Cautelotaurs will drop their Clawbeast shell and cannot prey upon Clawbeasts anymore.
  • Rathalos will be grounded and dazed if it is struck by the Flash Grenade on its flying state for 12 seconds on the first use, 10 seconds on the second use, and 8 seconds from the third use onwards.


8000 0 0 0
DP cost Redeployment time Block count Attack interval
5 40 seconds 0 N/A


Flash Grenade
Auto Recovery
Effect Initial SP SP cost Duration
Explodes after being thrown, stunning enemies facing the explosion and knocking down some aerial units 0 0


  • The Flash Grenade is based off the Flash Bomb in Monster Hunter, working on a similar principle that it blinds (Stuns) monsters facing to the blast, can knock flying monsters to the ground, and monsters build up resistance towards it (this is only the case for Rathalos in Arknights, who cannot be immune to the Flash Grenade unlike in MonHun).

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