Eunectes' Beacon

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Eunectes' Beacon is a Directional EC Unit in the Stationary Security Service game mode of Arknights, introduced in the first Dispatch Cycle, "Far West", following the mode's second rework and can only be used in Acahuallan Jungle.

Eunectes' Beacon passively increases the ATK of friendly units on ranged tiles by 5% for a single second whenever they damage an enemy, which stacks additively up to 50% although each hit only refreshes the buff's duration.

When Eunectes' Beacon is deployed, it will be attacked by friendly units, who attacks the Beacon over enemies (but deals no damage towards it), have their ASPD increased (which lingers for a while after the friendly stops attacking the Beacon), and receives 1 SP in each hit, which is very useful for Operators with area-of-effect or multi-targeting attacks (particularly Centurion Guards and Blast Casters). Unlike other Directional EC Units, the Beacon will be returned to the Deployment Waiting Zone after being retreated, allowing it to be redeployed elsewhere.

Directional EC Components

Eunectes' Beacon upgrade A.png
Branch A: Block Wavelength
A Block Wavelength is available (reduces the movement speed of enemies in the vicinity of Eunectes' Beacon by 30% while the Block Wavelength is in the Deployment Waiting Zone; gives 15 Transfer Permits and Slows enemies in the vicinity of the Beacon for 10 seconds when the Wavelength is deployed).
Eunectes' Beacon upgrade B.png
Branch B: Jam Wavelength
A Jam Wavelength is available (amplifies the damage taken by enemies that are not blocked by 20% while the Jam Wavelength is in the Deployment Waiting Zone; transfers a unit and inflicts 100% Fragile to enemies in the vicinity of Eunectes' Beacon for 10 seconds when the Wavelength is deployed).


HP 100
Aggression level 0
DP cost 5
Redeployment time 30 seconds
Block count 0
Attack interval N/A


Tracer Beacon
Auto Recovery
Effect Initial SP SP cost Duration
Draws attacks from allies. When attacked by your Operators, restores 1 SP to them and increases target ASPD. 0 25
Additional information
This skill increases the aggression level of the Eunectes' Beacon by 2 and applies a buff that increases the ASPD of units attacking the Beacon by 50 for 5 seconds.

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