Dirt Mound

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A reinforceable structure that can be used to resist sandstorms.
—Description of operations featuring the Dirt Mound

The Dirt Mound is a static device in Arknights, introduced in Operation Originium Dust.

Dirt Mounds are identical to Static Roadblocks in Episode 08, but it also obstructs Sandstorms by protecting all tiles behind it (e.g. if the Sandstorm faces right, then it will not affect units on all tiles to the right of the Dirt Mound); thus it is crucial that players deploy their units behind Dirt Mounds to keep them from being exposed to the Sandstorm, which can be very detrimental. However, Dirt Mounds can be damaged and destroyed by Sandstorms unless once reinforced by Reinforcement Devices, at which its HP is fully restored, its DEF is buffed, and it becomes immune to damage from Sandstorms.

In some operations, certain enemies are scripted to move through Dirt Mounds (or if the enemy is shifted towards one) which will block them and prompt the enemy to attack the Mound until it is destroyed, which is the only way for enemies to destroy the Dirt Mound.

High-Energy Originium Bombs can be used to instantly destroy Dirt Mounds, including reinforced ones.


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In OD-5 and OD-EX-8, some or all of the Dirt Mounds are reinforced from the start.


Can block Sandstorm
5000 0 0 0
DP cost Redeployment time Block count Attack interval
N/A N/A 3 N/A


Sandstorm Protection
Auto Recovery
Effect Initial SP SP cost Duration
Blocks the Sandstorm. When fortified, immediately recovers all HP, DEF +400 and no longer receives damage from the Sandstorm, but can still be instantly destroyed by High-Energy Originium Bomb. 0 10
Once reinforced by a Reinforcement Device, the description changes to the following.
"Fortified state: Blocks the Sandstorm, no longer receives damage from the Sandstorm, but can still be instantly destroyed by <High-Energy Originium Bomb>."