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Not to be confused with Roadblocks and Static Roadblock.

Deploy to block the enemy's route.
—Description of operations featuring the Roadblock

The Roadblock is a deployable device in Arknights.

Roadblocks can be deployed on melee tiles to "reroute" ground enemies (and only ground enemies), forcing them to take another route to the Protection Objective they are heading towards, preferably through Operators, and is crucial in certain operations due to some Objectives being located close to Incursion Points.

Never place Roadblocks right on the tile where the enemy are, as it will block them and prompts the enemy to attack the Roadblock, destroying it in one strike. Surrounding an enemy with Roadblocks will force them to move through the one closest to the Protection Objective they are heading towards and destroy them anyway (or simply walk past the Roadblock if the enemy cannot be blocked). Roadblocks can only be damaged by enemies they are blocking in the above situations and Lava Cracks' eruption which will instantly destroy them, so try to deploy Roadblocks away from the latter.

Note that the player cannot deploy a Roadblock if it would close off all possible paths to a Protection Objective, so they must leave at least one path open for enemies. In addition, some operations feature pre-deployed Roadblocks (see the Appearances section below), which can be attacked (and destroyed) by certain enemies who are scripted to make their way through them.


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* Pre-deployed Roadblocks are present
** Pre-deployed Roadblocks are present in the Challenge Mode version


HP 100
Aggression level 0
DP cost 5
Redeployment time 5 seconds
Block count 3
Attack interval N/A


Effect Initial SP SP cost Duration
Deploy a Roadblock, changing enemies' route
If the Roadblock is deployed on enemies, they will destroy it