Schwarz: Flame Net

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Paradox Simulation
Flame Net
Schwarz icon.png
Schwarz PS map.png
A long-time mercenary, Schwarz is familiar with all features of the battlefield, such that she is able to provide specific instructions to other sniper operators to boost their effectiveness.
In addition, she has an understanding of the limitations of long-range weaponry, and an eye for locating an enemy's weaknesses. Her attacks always strike those weakest sections of an enemy's defense.
Let her face the toughest target out there and she won't let you down.

Unlock condition: Raise Schwarz to Elite 2 Level 1.


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
4 25 1 35
Deployable devices Roadblock.png Roadblock ×7


Normal Leithanian Rebel ×15, Leithanian Rebel Leader ×12, Luxury Sponsor Drone ×4
Elite Guerrilla Shieldguard ×4
Each Luxury Sponsor Drone gives 1 Mr. Boom when destroyed.


Squad composition
  • Schwarz
  • May (Elite 2 Level 20, Skill-May1.png Paralyzing Shell Level 7)
  • Pinecone (Elite 2 Level 20, Skill-Pinecone2.png Electrical Overcharge Level 7)
  • Vermeil (Elite 2 Level 20, Skill-Vermeil1.png Double Shot Level 7)
  • Schwarz's level, promotion, skill level/Specialization Level, Trust, and Potential will match with that of the player's.
  • Unless noted otherwise, all other Operators are at Potential 1.
  • All other Operators have 100% Trust.