High-Energy Originium Barrel Bomb

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The High-Energy Originium Barrel Bomb is one of the four Hunting Tools in A Flurry to the Flame, the crossover between Arknights and Monster Hunter, which can be used after CF-7 is cleared.

Once deployed, the Barrel Bomb can be detonated at the player's discretion by activating its skill to heavy deal Arts damage towards enemies in the surrounding tiles. Furthermore, the Barrel Bomb's detonation will also detonate all other Barrel Bombs within the blast radius, potentially setting off a destructive chain reaction! In addition, Rathalos will take double damage from all sources for a brief period if a Barrel Bomb detonates on it while it is sleeping in its den.


8000 4000 0 0
DP cost Redeployment time Block count Attack interval
2 1 second 0 N/A


High-Energy Originium Barrel Bomb
Auto Recovery
Effect Initial SP SP cost Duration
Can be manually detonated after deployment, dealing Arts damage to the surrounding area and detonating any other nearby <High-Energy Originium Barrel Bombs> 0 0


  • The High-Energy Originium Barrel Bomb is based off Barrel Bombs in Monster Hunter, working on a similar principle but needs to be detonated by attacking them (instead of on the player's discretion as the Arknights ones do).
    • Its ability to deal increased damage to the sleeping Rathalos is also a reference to sleeping monsters in MonHun taking more damage when attacked, often by Hunters placing Barrel Bombs around them.

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