Emperor (LTTB)

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OG Emperor himself makes a grand appearance as an Operator in LTTB. Having a ridiculously high stats, Emperor will easily waste any motherf**kers in his way, so don't ever mess with the rap god of Columbia, homeboy; U can't touch this penguin!

...okay, that is a joke as part of April Fools. Emperor is actually a deployable device treated as if he is an Operator, like that of Shieldguards. His only use is in his skill, "Punchline", which activates three of the six Heat Pump Passages to defeat the incoming enemies and its use must be timed carefully to avoid leaks. Even though Emperor does have an absurd stats (999 HP/ATK/DEF and 99 RES), he cannot attack but are invulnerable as well.


HP 999
ATK 999
DEF 999
RES 99
Aggression level 0
DP cost N/A
Redeployment time N/A
Block count 1
Attack interval 1 second


Auto Recovery
Effect Initial SP SP cost Duration
Taste the power of this great Emperor, and dance and move to the groove!!
Rappers like gods, switch flows at will;
Rappers without skill, go down the hill.
0 3