Strange Ore Vein

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The Strange Ore Vein is a static device in the Reclamation Algorithm game mode of Arknights.

Strange Ore Veins act as a source of Iron Ore.png Iron Ore and harvested by having friendly units attack it, who attacks enemies over the Strange Ore Vein, until their HP is depleted, at which the Strange Ore Vein's HP is fully restored and it will have 1 Iron Ore.png that can be picked up by deploying an Operator adjacent to it, adding the Iron Ore to their carry capacity which is equal to the Operator's block count and will be accounted for when the Operator is retreated. After the Strange Ore Vein is harvested a certain amount of times, it will be exhausted and cannot be gathered from anymore (although the Iron Ore it has can still be picked up).

Basic Harvesters deployed from Executive Gathering Hubs are more effective in harvesting Iron Ore from Strange Ore Veins than other resources.


Resources can be harvested
50000 0 1300 30
DP cost Redeployment time Block count Attack interval
N/A N/A 3 N/A
The Strange Ore Vein has an aggression level of -1.


Effect Initial SP SP cost Duration
<Iron Ore> can be gathered here.

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