Energy Perturbation Amplifier

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The Energy Perturbation Amplifier is a Directional EC Unit in the Stationary Security Service game mode of Arknights, introduced in the second Dispatch Cycle, "Recapture Land".

The Energy Perturbation Amplifier passively causes enemies that are being affected by Slow, Bind, Stun, Cold, Freeze, and Levitate to have their DEF and RES gradually reduced up to 50%.

When the Energy Perturbation Amplifier is deployed, enemies within a radius of 2 tiles around it will be inflicted with one of the aforementioned effects every 7 seconds for 2.5 seconds.

Directional EC Components

Energy Perturbation Amplifier upgrade A.png
Branch A: Signal Blocker
Now amplifies the damage taken by enemies that are being Slowed, Bound, and Levitated by 30%.
Energy Perturbation Amplifier upgrade B.png
Branch B: Heteromorphic Accelerator
Now doubles the duration of Stun, Cold, and Freeze inflicted on enemies.


Can be deployed in high or low areas
100 0 0 0
DP cost Redeployment time Block count Attack interval
5 5 seconds 0 N/A


Energy Perturbation
Auto Recovery
Effect Initial SP SP cost Duration
Every 7 seconds, applies a random status effect to all enemies within range (Slow, Bind, Cold, Frozen, Stun, or Levitate) that lasts for 2.5 seconds 0 7