Tattered Pillar

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Can be knocked down by neighboring Operators, dealing True damage on the two tiles it falls on and forming rubble that blocks routes.
—Description of operations featuring the Tattered Pillar

The Tattered Pillar is a static device in Arknights.

A free-standing pillar that is on the verge of collapsing, Tattered Pillars can be attacked by friendlies adjacent to it; when the Pillar's HP reaches 0, it will enter the "Damaged" state where the Pillar remains intact with 1 HP and become invulnerable for 2 seconds.

When the Pillar is destroyed in the Damaged state, it will collapse towards the direction opposite to where the source of the damage that destroys the Pillar came from and covers a radius of 1×2 tiles, dealing massive True damage to enemies and Stuns them for a short time while friendlies will be instantly knocked out even if their HP cannot be reduced below a certain amount, after which up to two Battlefield Ruins will be left behind if the said tiles are deployable melee ones; it can also affect other Pillars in its path, which may lead to a chain reaction. Tattered Pillars destroyed by Demolition Devices, certain enemies (see below), and other Pillars' collapse, however, will immediately collapse instead of entering the Damaged state first.

Tattered Pillars only take damage from friendlies adjacent to it; the Pillar will neither be attacked by friendlies that are not adjacent to it nor damaged by their skills.


Main Theme 9-79-109-12S9-1S9-29-149-159-179-189-19H9-2H9-3H9-4H9-5H9-6TR-19
Story Collections AW-7
Annihilation County Hillock Countryside
Integrated Strategies Sculptor and Statue
Contingency Contract County Hillock Depot
Trials for Navigator Clash of Ideologies
Paradox Simulation Dorothy: Rebuild It, DorothyIfrit: We've Got Each Other's BacksReed: The Weight of a LifeYato: Spearhead Unwavering


Can only be attacked by adjacent allied units
5000 12000 0 0
DP cost Redeployment time Block count Attack interval
N/A N/A 0 N/A


Collapsing Pillar
Effect Initial SP SP cost Duration
After being knocked down, deals True damage to enemies within the two tiles and Stuns them; Allied units within the two tiles will be forcibly retreated. <Battlefield Ruins> that blocks the enemy's route will be created on the deployable tiles
  • The damage dealt is equal to the Tattered Pillar's ATK and the Stun lasts for 10 seconds.
  • The Battlefield Ruins will only be spawned on unoccupied deployable melee tiles.


Enemy Interaction
Dublinn Flamerazer sprite.png
Dublinn Flamerazer Leader sprite.png
Their explosion when defeated will instantly collapse Tattered Pillars caught in the blast without putting them into the Damaged state first.
Tombkeeper Grotesque sprite.png
Enraged Tombkeeper Grotesque sprite.png
When the Grotesque is hit by a collapsing Tattered Pillar before transforming into stone form and the damage would reduce their HP to 0, the Grotesque will be instantly defeated.
  • Mandragora's Stoneshield will be destroyed when she is hit by a collapsing Tattered Pillar.
  • Can bring down Tattered Pillars (without putting them into the Damaged state first) onto friendly units in the second phase (only used if there are Pillars that could fall onto at least one friendly; takes 5 seconds to activate, 20/15 seconds cooldown).