Tactical Equipment Toolbox

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The Tactical Equipment Toolbox is a Directional EC Unit in the Stationary Security Service game mode of Arknights, introduced in the second Dispatch Cycle, "Recapture Land", and can only be used in Mama John's New Plate.

The Tactical Equipment Toolbox passively increases the ATK and SP recovery rate of friendly units by 10% and 0.1/second, respectively, for every Tactical Equipment of different classes they have, which can be stacked.

When the Tactical Equipment Toolbox is deployed, the Operator ahead of it will receive one additional Tactical Equipment of those they already had which ignores the Tactical Equipment cap for 15 seconds.

Directional EC Components

Tactical Equipment Toolbox upgrade A.png
Branch A: Equipment Expansion Box
Further increases the ATK and SP recovery buff to 15% and 0.12/second, respectively.
Tactical Equipment Toolbox upgrade B.png
Branch B: Equipment Collection Box
Now generates 5 DP and 1 Transfer Permit every 10 seconds for every Operator with at least 3 different Tactical Equipments.


HP 100
Aggression level 0
DP cost 5
Redeployment time 5 seconds
Block count 0
Attack interval N/A


Sort Tactical Equipment
Auto Recovery
Effect Initial SP SP cost Duration
After deployment, grants the Operator ahead a temporary stack of every Tactical Equipment (Not restricted by regular Tactical Equipment limit) that lasts for 15 seconds 0 0