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Heals when attacked; when activated during a song variation, changes the variation and briefly applies a buff to friendly units.
—Description of operations featuring the Tuning Node

The Tuning Node is a static device in Arknights.

The Tuning Node can be charged up by having friendly units attack it, who attacks enemies over the Node due to its aggression level of -1 and the Node itself takes no damage from attacks; friendly units will not attack the Node should its SP is full. Once every Tuning Node on the map has full SP and a variation is active, the Node's skill can be activated to switch the variation into the other and buffs friendly units for a period of time, with the buffs based on the variation switched into:

  • If the variation is passionate, friendlies have their ASPD increased.
  • If the variation is melancholic, friendlies have their ATK increased but ASPD slightly reduced.

If there are more than one Tuning Node in the map, the above buffs' effects will stack additively. Keep in mind that activating a Tuning Node will drain the SP of every Node on the map, forcing the player to charge them up all over again.

In certain operations, the Tuning Node has a shield that protects it from Physical and Arts attacks from a certain side, preventing it from being charged by Physical/Arts attacks from the protected side.


Tuning Nodes appear on all ZT operations except ZT-1 and ZT-EX-2.


Less likely to be attacked by your units; can block attacks from the shield side when equipped with a one-way shield (True Damage cannot be blocked)
100 0 0 0
DP cost Redeployment time Block count Attack interval
N/A N/A 0 N/A
The Tuning Node has an aggression level of -1.


Area Tuning
Defensive Recovery
Effect Initial SP SP cost Duration
When activated during a variation, enables switching between passionate and melancholic variations, and gives allies a buff for 20s:
When passionate variation is active, ASPD +50;
when melancholic variation is active, ATK +60% but ASPD -10;
for every Tuning Node on the battlefield, gain 1 additional stack
0 Varies
  • Area Tuning has a different SP cost in the operations where it appears:
  • Area Tuning can only be activated when every Tuning Node on the map has full SP and a variation is in effect.
  • Activating Area Tuning depletes the SP from all other Tuning Nodes on the map.


Enemy Interaction
Remnant Orchestra Conductor sprite.png
Witch King's Orchestra Conductor sprite.png
Remnant Orchestra Tuner sprite.png
Witch King's Orchestra Tuner sprite.png
Can leash a Tuning Node within attack range to drain 1 SP from it every second (10/15 seconds cooldown).
Herkunftshorn, "Witch King"
Disables all Tuning Nodes on the map upon entering the second phase, preventing them from being charged up and activated, which will persist even after the Witch King is defeated.