Rhodes Island Temporary Employee

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Tidies up a Giant Mushroom to create a Ranged tile.
—Description of operations featuring the R.I. Temporary Employee

The Rhodes Island Temporary Employee is a deployable device in Arknights.

An Archosaurian Tiacauh of Acahualla contracted by Rhodes Island to clear the jungle's dense vegetation, R.I. Temporary Employees can be deployed on any open melee or ranged tile to turn a Giant Mushroom within their range into a Stump by cutting it down. It takes several attacks for the Temporary Employee to cut down the Giant Mushroom and they will be "withdrawn" due to exhaustion once they finish; using multiple Temporary Employees on one Giant Mushroom speeds up the process.


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Clears Giant Mushrooms, creating a stump that can have Ranged units deployed on it
100 13 0 0
DP cost Redeployment time Block count Attack interval
5 5 seconds 0 1 second