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Stump is a terrain feature in Arknights, introduced in The Great Chief Returns.


An oversized tree stump, as the name suggests, Stumps appear in place of Giant Mushrooms cleared by Rhodes Island Temporary Employees and are considered as a high ground tile, allowing ranged units to be deployed on it.

Certain enemies (see below) can destroy Stumps; when a Stump is destroyed, friendly units on it, if there are one, will be instantly defeated and the Stump will become permanently undeployable, now marked by a large X sign.[note 1]


Enemy Interaction
Tiacauh Shredder
Tiacauh Annihilator
Can destroy the closest Stump every four attacks (range 1.8 tiles).
"The Big Ugly Thing"
Can destroy the closest Stump (range 1.8 tiles, 30 seconds cooldown).


  1. This actually places a "Destroyed Stump" on said Stump, which is a device that instantly defeats the friendly unit on the Stump and prevents anything from being deployed on the Stump.