Anti-Air Rune

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Slightly reduces ASPD but greatly increases ATK against aerial units of the Operator on it.

Anti-Air Rune is a terrain feature in Arknights.


A battlefield position that improves the precision of shooters on it against aerial targets, Anti-Air Runes makes the friendly unit deployed on it deal more damage when attacking aerial enemies (e.g. drones) but reduces their ASPD in return. All Anti-Air Runes are placed on ranged tiles, thus they only benefit ranged units especially Marksman Snipers which targets aerial enemies over the others.

The Anti-Air Runes' damage buff and ASPD debuff varies on the operation they are featured; refer to each specific operation's terrain notes for more information.


Main Theme 2-82-9
Side Stories MN-5
Vignettes BW-8
Supply operations PR-B-1PR-B-2
Annihilation The Grand Knight Territory Outskirts
Integrated Strategies Flying ThiefTheft From Above