Defense Rune

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Increases DEF of the Operator on it.

Defense Rune is a terrain feature in Arknights.


A battlefield position that is imbued with protective Arts, Defense Runes increase the DEF of the friendly unit deployed on it by a flat amount, like that of inspiration buffs which means that scaling DEF buffs became even more effective on them. Luckily, enemies do not benefit from Defense Runes if they are on one.

The Defense Runes' DEF buff varies on the operation they are featured; refer to each specific operation's terrain notes for more information.


Main Theme 3-8
Side Stories GT-1IS-TR-1MN-EX-4RI-7
Story Collections AF-5
Integrated Strategies Avoid Dangerous RoadsAvoid Unsafe Roads
Contingency Contract Arena 8New Street
Paradox Simulation Blemishine: Into the BreachEstelle: A Position to Keep