Lava Fissure

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Periodically deals Arts damage to surrounding friendly units; When an Operator is deployed upon this tile, lava will spray forward, causing affected targets to take increased Arts damage.

Lava Fissure is a terrain feature in Arknights.


Lava Fissures are similar to Lava Cracks, albeit its eruption continuously deals Arts damage over a period of time and the Fissure itself is deployable; the friendly unit on it will cause magma to flow across a distance of 5 tiles ahead of them whenever the Fissure erupts, which can damage enemies as well as increasing the Arts damage they took by 20% for 15 seconds, which is considered a separate effect from Arts Fragility.


Lava Fissures appear in all Design of Strife Formulative Battlerealm operations except Homeward Impasse, and Depraved Earth.