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Gradually reduces the ASPD of Operators within, and the ASPD and Movement Speed of enemies within.

Mire is a terrain feature in Arknights.


A swampy ground that hinders the mobility and reflexes of anyone within, Mires reduce the ASPD of friendly and enemy units (and speed for the latter as well) by 5% every 3 seconds, which stacks up to 10 times; after 30 seconds, the unit will have -50 ASPD (and -50% speed for enemies) which remains as long as they stay in the Mire.


Mires appear in all FC operations except FC-TR-2, as well as:

Annihilation Ashy Marsh
Paradox Simulation Harmonie: Heavy Dance StepsReed: The Weight of a Life


Enemy Interaction
Swamp Gloompincer
Enraged Swamp Gloompincer
Immune to the ASPD/speed debuff while on Mires, instead having +30% speed.
Swamp Rover
Heavy Swamp Rover
Immune to the ASPD/speed debuff while on Mires.