Mark of Dusk and Dawn

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Change the Hui Ming attribute of passing enemies.

Mark of Dusk and Dawn is a terrain feature in Arknights.


A seal etched onto the ground marked by a black and white swirling pattern connecting each other, the Mark of Dusk and Dawn switches the Hui and Ming attribute of Ink Spirit enemies passing through it. For instance, an Angry whose attribute is initially set to Ming will have its attribute changed to Hui after they passed through the Mark, and vice-versa.

A single enemy can only have their attribute switched once by each Mark of Dusk and Dawn.


Side Stories WR-8WR-9WR-EX-4WR-EX-5WR-EX-6WR-EX-7WR-EX-8
Story Collections BW-6DC-S-1TB-10
Contingency Contract Hui-ch'i Foothills


  • The name is a reference to Dusk and Dawn, and alludes to the idiom "from dusk to dawn".

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