Protection Objective

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Blue objective point. Its HP decreases when an enemy unit enters it.

Protection Objective, also known as Objective Point, is a terrain feature in Arknights.


Almost all enemies will always head for a specific Protection Objective, which will cause the player to lose Life Points should an enemy manage to enter it. Allied units, with the exception to Talulah, the Fighter, will head into a specific Protection Objective; Talulah will spawn from a Protection Objective instead of Incursion Point that other allied units do.

If the enemy's path intersects with a Protection Objective other than which they are heading, the enemy will pass through the said Objective without actually entering it. This is easily noticeable in CB-EX8.

Protection Objectives are notably absent on the following operations:

Side Stories IC-P-1IC-P-2
Reclamation Algorithm Land Encircled By ReefsThe First Foothold
Paradox Simulation Scene: Faceoff