Scene: Faceoff

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Paradox Simulation
Scene icon.png
Scene PS map.png
If physical challenges can be overcome by machinery, then it is Scene's strong heart that allows her to face the battlefield head-on.
Plus, there are wondrous sights that can only be seen there.

Unlock condition: Raise Scene to Elite 2 Level 1.


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
8 18 1 1
Static devices Emergency Aid Building ×3


Boss Sal Viento Bishop Quintus
Quintus has 330 ATK.


Squad composition
  • Scene
  • Click (Elite 2 Level 20, Skill-Click1.png Synchronized Attack Level 7)
  • Shaw (Elite 2 Level 20, Skill-Shaw1.png Steam Pump Level 7)
Pre-deployed Provence (Elite 2 Level 20, Skill-Provence1.png Wolf's Eye Level 7)
  • Scene's level, promotion, skill level/Specialization Level, Trust, and Potential will match with that of the player's.
  • Unless noted otherwise, all other Operators are at Potential 1.
  • Click, Provence, and Shaw have 80% Trust.


This operation is the first instance where both Protection Objectives and Incursion Points are absent.