Blue Poison: Poison Bone-Deep

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Paradox Simulation
Poison Bone-Deep
Blue Poison PS map.png
As a toxicology specialist, Blue Poison has a unique knack for mixing toxins. Her poison-tipped bolts must surely be the stuff of enemies' nightmares in battle, extended harm being a great effector of diminishing enemy combat power. You may wonder about allies–do not doubt her loyalty one bit in that regard. Not to mention, just on the off-chance, she always has antidotes prepared for everyone.

Unlock condition: Raise Blue Poison to Elite 2 Level 1.


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
2 13 1 23


Normal Grindstone ×16, Wooden Seal, Vernacularism ×5, Novel Scroll, Bronze Mirror
Elite Introspection ×2
Additional information
Bronze Mirrors, Novel Scrolls, and Wooden Seals are excluded from the enemy counter.


Squad composition
  • Hibiscus (Elite 1 Level 55, Potential 6, Skill-M1.png Healing Up α Level 7)
  • Noir Corne (Level 30, Potential 6)
Additional information
  • Blue Poison's level, promotion, skill upgrades/Mastery training, Trust, and Potential will match with that of the player's.
  • Unless noted otherwise, all other Operators are at Potential 1.
  • Hibiscus, Kroos, and Noir Corne have 200% Trust.