Jessica: Trembling With Fear

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Paradox Simulation
Trembling With Fear
Jessica icon.png
Jessica PS map.png
Aim at the flying target, control your Originium Arts and fire, and drop smoke to protect yourself, just like all the drills she participated in at Blacksteel. Jessica is always especially nervous before sorties, but her colleagues know that she will do everything just fine during the mission.

Unlock condition: Raise Jessica to Elite 2 Level 1.


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
2 12 1 19
Terrain properties The Active Originium effect increases ATK and ASPD by 50% and 50, respectively, deals 320 True damage every second, and lasts for 5 minutes.


Normal Lurker ×4, Monster ×4, Arts Master A1 ×5, Sponsor Drone ×2
Elite Sarkaz Caster ×3, Sarkaz Lancer Leader ×1
  • The 1st Sponsor Drone gives 1 Roadblock when destroyed.
  • The 2nd Sponsor Drone gives 6 Mieszko Coils when destroyed.


Squad composition
  • Jessica's level, promotion, skill level/Specialization Level, Trust, and Potential will match with that of the player's.
  • Unless noted otherwise, all other Operators are at Potential 1.
  • Franka has 50% Trust.