Blemishine: Into the Breach

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Paradox Simulation
Into the Breach
Blemishine PS map.png
Operator Blemishine and her sister Nearl are both classified as defender operators. However, with ex-competition knight Zofia's personal instruction, plus a tempering in the Major, Blemishine's combat style clearly has a stronger offense over typical defender operators.
That said, her treatment by "self-sacrifice to shine on others" is just the same as her sister's.
With her at the front, you often only need to ensure her safety, and the entire frontline situation can be stabilized.

Unlock condition: Raise Blemishine to Elite 2 Level 1.


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
3 30 1 27
Terrain properties
  • Medical Runes restore 3% of maximum HP every second to friendly units on them.
  • Defense Runes increase the DEF of friendly units on them by 200.


Normal Nameless Independent Knight ×6, Nameless Elite Knight ×18, Vicious Training Gloompincer ×2
Elite "Brassrust" Olmer Ingra


Squad composition
Additional information
  • Blemishine's level, promotion, skill upgrades/Mastery training, Trust, and Potential will match with that of the player's.
  • Unless noted otherwise, all other Operators are at Potential 1.
  • Nearl and Whislash have 80% Trust.