Medical Rune

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The Operator on it will recover HP over time.

Medical Rune is a terrain feature in Arknights.


A battlefield position that is imbued with healing Arts, Medical Runes will gradually restore the HP of the friendly unit deployed on it, which stacks with other forms of HP regeneration. Luckily, enemies do not benefit from Medical Runes if they are on one.

The Medical Runes' HP regeneration rate varies on the operation they are featured; refer to each specific operation's terrain notes for more information.


Main Theme 2-10S6-311-1611-18
Intermezzi SN-EX-2
Side Stories BI-TR-1CB-10DH-S-3MN-3MN-8MN-EX-8NL-5TW-S-2
Vignettes SW-EV-5
Supply operations CE-5PR-C-1PR-C-2
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Contingency Contract Arena 8
Trials for Navigator Rolling Sands
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