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This article pertains to a subject that is not yet released in the Global server of Arknights.

Restores HP or deals damage to Operators on it depending on the degree of Contagion.
—Description of operations featuring Paddies (unofficial translation)

Paddy is a terrain feature in Arknights.


Paddies are melee tiles appearing like the namesake in real world: a patch of shallow water with rice seeds planted on it. Friendly units on a Paddy will regenerate 50 HP every second, which is unaffected by healing modifiers and can still heal the unit even if they cannot be directly healed (e.g. Musha Guards), basically identical to Medical Runes but the HP regeneration is fixed instead of percentage-based.

However, Paddies are subject to the Contagion mechanic, where a Paddy can have 0 to 100 Contagion that is increased by certain Weaveling enemies (see below). When a Paddy has at least 1 Contagion, it will be polluted and causes the friendly unit on it to take Arts damage over time instead of regenerating HP equal to 30 + (Contagion × 4). Should a friendly unit be deployed on a polluted Paddy, they will take Arts damage equal to 200 + (Contagion × 14). When a Paddy is polluted, it will cause adjacent Paddies to have its Contagion increased by 1 per second, essentially allowing the pollution to spread towards Paddies across the map if left unchecked.

A polluted Paddy can be unpolluted by reducing its Contagion with Pump Stations. Deploying a Throttle Valve on a Paddy, polluted or not, will prevent the pollution from spreading further.

Contagion sources

Enemy Method Duration
Wiped Sordid
When defeated, applies to the Paddy they are on or where the blocker is on when blocked 5
Disgusting Filth
Eschewed Tarnish
Ranged attack while on Paddies polluted by Contamination (global range, only against friendly units on Paddies) 5
When molting (random Paddy in a radius of 4 tiles) 4
When damaged, applies to the Paddy where the attacker is on when they leaves the map 50


Enemy Interaction
Wiped Sordid
Bristly Paddyrodent
Invisible while on Paddies polluted by Contagion.
Clear Erosion
Their attacks deal Arts damage while on Paddies polluted by Contagion.
Eschewed Tarnish
Will use a ranged attack with global range against friendly units on Paddies which deals splash damage affecting adjacent targets. If the Tarnish is on a Paddy polluted by Contagion, the attack deals an additional instance of Arts damage equal to 80% ATK.
Drains 10 Contagion every 0.5 seconds from the Paddy the Miasma is on (if it is polluted by Contagion) while reviving, increasing its DEF by 30% and causes its attack to deal an additional instance of Arts damage equal to 10% ATK each time.
Rampant Tianzhuang-A
Initially monitors the Contagion of the Paddy they are on and their HP changes to account for the Contagion value. Should the Paddy's Contagion reaches 100, the Tianzhuang-A will enter an active state.
  • Loses 20% (15% Level 1) DEF, 30 RES, and 200% speed while on Paddies unpolluted with Contagion (including one being pumped away by a Pump Station).
  • Unleashes As a Shuttle when the Paddy the "Haunt" is on has 100 Contagion, at which it drains 20 Contagion over 5 seconds from the Paddy.