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Unable to deploy on these tiles. Enemies on these tiles have reduced ASPD and Movement Speed, and continually lose HP.
—Description of operations featuring the Deep Water Zone

Deep Water Zone is a terrain feature in Arknights.


A patch of deep, salted water from the artificial sea of Dossoles, friendly units cannot be deployed on Deep Water Zones unless a Custom Floating Platform is deployed over one. Enemies, on the other hand, can move (or more accurately, swim) through Deep Water Zones, but will receive the "Erosion" effect that reduces their ASPD and speed, and causes them to lose HP (actually taking True damage) over time.

It is worth noting that Deep Water Zones are treated as water tiles, thus Ceylon's Lake Walker and Ch'en the Holungday's Vestiges of Vacation talents will be enhanced when they are deployed on operations featuring Deep Water Zones.


Side Stories DH-TR-2DH-6DH-7DH-8DH-9DH-EX-2DH-EX-3DH-EX-4DH-EX-7DH-EX-8DH-S-3
Story Collections DC-3TC-6
Annihilation Dossoles Water Gate
Stationary Security Service Bad CompanyBanishmentChaotic PartyEquipment Acceptance Testing
Integrated Strategies Cistern
Contingency Contract Beach RepairUnder-Construction Beachside
Trials for Navigator Survival of the FittestTroubled Prisoner
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Other UO-3

Enemies who entered Deep Water Zones in DH-8, DH-9, and DH-EX-7 will drown to their defeat unless if they are immune to Erosion, which can be exploited in a similar way to holes by Push Stroker and Hookmaster Specialists. The Deep Water Zone's description on the aforementioned operations are also changed to clarify this:

Unable to deploy on these tiles. In this stage, enemies on these tiles lose HP at a greatly increased rate.


Enemy Interaction
Pancho Salas
Caster Speedboat
Tidal Leader Speedboat
Dockworker Motorboat
Dockworker Leader Motorboat
Unmanned Explosive Boat
Unmanned Heavy Explosive Boat
Pancho's Explosive Boat
Competition Transport Vessel
Immune to Erosion while on Deep Water Zones.
Diver Leader
  • Immune to Erosion while on Deep Water Zones.
  • Will become invisible and have their ATK increased by 40% while on Deep Water Zones.
Dockworker Leader
Takes 1000 True damage every second while on Deep Water Zones, which stacks with the HP loss from the Erosion effect.


  • The Deep Water Zone is possibly inspired by the sea tiles in Pirate Seas in Plants vs. Zombies 2. The only difference is that Deep Water Zones deal damage over time to enemies whereas sea tiles in PvZ2 instantly kills zombies.

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