Active Originium

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Increases ATK and ASPD of both friendly and enemy units that stand on it, but the affected units will lose HP over time.

Active Originium is a terrain feature in Arknights.


Active Originium effect.png

Pockets of intense, activated Originium radiation are sometimes present around Terra, with exposure to it enhancing the victim's strength and reflexes but causes gradual tissue damage which is usually fatal if not treated. This translates to units exposed to an Active Originium rune (friendlies deployed on it or enemies passing through it) receiving an effect which increases their ATK and ASPD but causes them to lose HP (actually taking True damage) over time, which can knock them out/defeat them.

The Active Originium effect's ATK/ASPD buff, HP loss, and duration varies on the operation they are featured; refer to the respective operation's terrain notes for more information.

Most Active Originium runes are placed on deployable tiles, but some are placed on undeployable tiles, which means that it will only benefit enemies that moves through it.


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In Area 6 Ruins, the "Originium Zone: Controllable Infection" Contract is present; if taken, enemies under the Active Originium effect no longer loses HP over time.