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A dangerous hole in the ground. Enemies that step on it will fall to their deaths.

Hole is a terrain in Arknights.


As the name clearly suggests, Holes are pitfalls, high drops, or water vortices that will cause an enemy to be instantly defeated the moment they entered its boundaries; enemies defeated by holes will have a special animation where they shrink as they dissipate. However, this only works on ground enemies; aerial enemies and those with Low-Altitude Hovering are able to safely move over Holes.

The Holes' instant kill works regardless of the enemy's stats; even bosses are not safe from plummeting into their oblivion from one! However, enemies will never move through Holes (with certain exceptions), thus in order to make use of it, the player will have to force the enemies into a Hole by shifting them.

While an enemy can never be shifted across multiple Holes, the deaths of certain "airborne" enemies that are scripted to land right on a Hole can actually be prevented by Levitating them right as they landed over it.[1]


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