Specialist Tactical Point

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Increases the push and pull strength of the Operator on it.

Specialist Tactical Point is a terrain feature in Arknights.


A battlefield position that strengthens the inertia of displacing attacks done by those on it, Specialist Tactical Points increase the shift force of the friendly unit deployed on it.

Specialist Tactical Points can be found on both melee and ranged tiles, with the Push Stroker and Hookmaster Specialists enjoying the most benefit from it; the Specialist Tactical Point is useless to any other Operators except the following:

The Specialist Tactical Points' shift force increase varies on the operation they are featured; refer to each specific operation's terrain notes for more information.


Main Theme 2-89-18S2-8S2-9S6-3
Intermezzi DM-5
Side Stories DV-EX-5MN-EX-4NL-EX-2OD-EX-5
Story Collections SA-5TB-4
Contingency Contract Area 59 RuinsBroken Path
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