Icy Surface

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Icy Surface is a terrain feature in Arknights.


Applies "Cold" to units on top of it, and increases the distance Frozen enemies on it are shifted.
—Description of operations featuring the Icy Surface

An ice-covered ground within Kjerag's arctic environment, Icy Surfaces inflict Cold to units on it, whether friendly or enemy; for the latter, the Cold will linger as long as they remain in the Icy Surface's boundaries. Enemies who are Frozen while on top of the Icy Surface will have the shift force used against them increased.

Applies "Cold" to units on top of it, and changes the direction of enemies when they are shifted.
—Description of operations featuring the Icy Corner

Some BI operations also feature Icy Corners which changes the direction that shifted enemies on top of it were to be displaced instead of increasing the shift force received by Frozen enemies.


Icy Surfaces

Icy Surfaces appear in all BI operations as well as:

Story Collections FD-5* • TB-2* • TC-1*
Paradox Simulation Gnosis: Overlooking Wind and Snow* • Kjera: Accompanying Mountains

Icy Corners appear in BI-5, BI-6, BI-EX-6, and BI-TR-2, as well as the marked (*) operations seen above.