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Unable to move, attack, or use skills (inflicted through the Cold status); When enemies are frozen, RES -15.
—In-game tip

Freeze, known in-game as Frozen, is a Negative Status in Arknights.


A Chilled unit will become Frozen if they are inflicted by Cold the second time, which is indicated by the unit being encased in ice and having their animation paused. In this state, the unit is disabled (as if they are Stunned) but Frozen friendly units can still block enemies and thus be attacked by melee enemies.

Since the Break the Ice update, Frozen enemies have their RES reduced by 15 which makes them more susceptible to Arts damage.

Unlike other Negative Statuses, Freeze is refreshed when the affected unit is hit by an instance of Cold.



Operator Subject Interaction
Aurora icon.png
Artificial Snowfall
Artificial Snowfall's ATK buff is increased when Aurora attacks Frozen targets:
  • Level 1-3: 200%
  • Level 4: 250%
  • Level 7: 300%
  • Mastery 1: 310%
  • Mastery 2: 320%
  • Mastery 3: 330%
Gnosis icon.png
  • Frozen enemies within Gnosis' range will remain Frozen until Hypothermia expires, at which they receive Arts damage equal to a significant percentage of Gnosis' ATK:
    • Level 1: 200%
    • Level 2: 230%
    • Level 3: 270%
    • Level 4: 300%
    • Level 5: 330%
    • Level 6: 370%
    • Level 7: 400%
    • Mastery 1: 450%
    • Mastery 2: 500%
    • Mastery 3: 600%
  • Gnosis attack enemies who are not Frozen over the others while Hypothermia is active.
Rigid Ice Frozen enemies within Gnosis' range receives Fragile:
  • Elite 1: 30%
  • Elite 2: 50%
  • Potential 5: +4%
Lee icon.png
Preparedness Averts Peril The next DP drain instance drains 5 DP instead (unless if there are not enough DP) to block the next Stun/Freeze received by Lee.

In Integrated Strategies, the Collectibles String Puppet and Children's Puppet (as well as Renowned Singer.png "Renowned Singer" in Phantom & Crimson Solitaire) cause Frozen enemies to periodically receive Arts damage.


Enemies with Low-Altitude Hovering will lose it when Frozen for the first time, unless if they are immune to Freeze themselves.

Enemy Interaction
"Frozen Monstrosity"
While the Frozen Monstrosity is present, Frozen friendly units that leaves the map will have their redeployment times doubled.

The following enemies inflict more damage against Frozen targets:

Enemy Method Multiplier
Frostfang sprite.png
Razorfrost sprite.png
Yeti Operative sprite.png
Yeti Sniper sprite.png
Yeti Sniper Leader sprite.png
Attack 1.5×
Icefield Berserker sprite.png
The Last Knight
Icefield Berserker Leader sprite.png
FrostNova, "Winter's Scar"
Ice Nova
"Frozen Monstrosity"
Ice ring
Yeti Icecleaver sprite.png
Attack 2.5×
"Frost Buck"
Attack; passed on to Snow Doe when defeated
Yeti Icecleaver Leader sprite.png