Ursus Specialty Beverage

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Ursus Speciality Beverage is an RIIC mechanic in Arknights. It is an abstract "resource" used to influence Blitz and Frost's base skills and provided by Tachanka's base skills.


Operator Base skill Information
Tachanka icon.png
Skill-ctrl tachanka.png
Ursus Specialty Beverage
Provides 1 Ursus Speciality Beverage for every Ursus Student Self-Governing Group Operator assigned to facilities while assigned to the Control Center.


Operator Base skill Interaction
Blitz icon.png
Skill-hire blitz.png
Each Ursus Specialty Beverage further increases the recruitment tag refresh chance generation rate by 5%.
Frost icon.png
Skill-ws frost.png
Mechanical Engineering
Further increases the byproduct rate by 15% when there are 4 Ursus Specialty Beverages.

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