Status Resistance

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Negative Status durations (Stun, Cold, Freeze, etc.) halved (does not stack with the same effect)
—In-game tip

Status Resistance is a buff in Arknights.


As the name suggests, Status Resistance makes the unit more resistant to Negative Statuses by halving their duration. Do note that multiple instances of Status Resistance does not stack.



Wandering Medics innately has Status Resistance with their respective WAH-X Operator Module.

Operator Source Information
Aurora icon.png
Homeland Protector
Applied to self for Homeland Protector's duration.
Blaze icon.png
Harsh Training Applied to self 15 (-3 P5) seconds after deployment.
Breeze icon.png
Medic Squad Protection Applied to Medics (and Supporters at Elite 2, including Breeze herself) while Breeze's skill is active.
Ceylon icon.png
Water Blessing
Applied to friendly units (including Ceylon herself) within her healing range while active.
Folinic icon.png
Drug Inhibition Technique Applied to self.
Gnosis icon.png
Two Paths, One Goal Applied to Karlan Trade Operators 10 seconds after Gnosis is deployed.
Lumen icon.png
An Everyman's Wish Applied to healed targets for a short time, which will be extended if the target's HP is above 75%.
  • Elite 1: 2/4 seconds
  • Elite 2: 4/6 seconds
  • WAH-X Stage 2: 5/7 seconds
  • WAH-X Stage 3: 5/8 seconds
Nian icon.png
Iron Defense
Applied to friendly units (but not Nian herself) within Iron Defense's radius.
Purestream icon.png
Rapid Restoration Applied to the healed friendly unit(s) for a short time.
  • Elite 1: 2 seconds
  • Elite 2: 4 seconds
Santalla icon.png
Born of the Biting Cold Applied to self 20/15 (SPC-Y Stage 2+) seconds after deployment.
Sideroca icon.png
Mercenary's Tenacity Applied to self after defeating 7 enemies.
Whisperain icon.png
Oriented Diagnosis
Applied to the healed friendly unit(s) for a short time.
  • Level 1: 1 second
  • Level 2-3: 2 seconds
  • Level 4-5: 3 seconds
  • Level 6-7: 4 seconds
  • Mastery 1-3: 5 seconds
Pain Suppression
Applied to the healed friendly unit(s) for a short time.
  • Level 1-3: 1 second
  • Level 4-6: 2 seconds
  • Level 7-Mastery 2: 3 seconds
  • Mastery 3: 4 seconds


The following enemies innately have Status Resistance.

Clawbeast sprite.png
Ferocious Clawbeast sprite.png
Frigid sprite.png
Frigid AS.T sprite.png
Icefield Berserker sprite.png
Icefield Berserker Leader sprite.png
Tschäggättä sprite.png
Tschäggättä Leader sprite.png
Nethersea Swarmcaller sprite.png
Nourished Swarmcaller sprite.png
Regressed Swarmcaller sprite.png

If The Endspeaker, Will of We Many Consumes the Regressed Swarmcaller's Remains, it will inherit the Swarmcaller's Status Resistance on the next phase.


Operator Subject Interaction
Whisperain icon.png
Tower of Life Friendlies with Status Resistance within Whisperain's healing range regenerates HP every second, which is not subjected to the healing reduction from her trait as a Therapist Medic.
  • Elite 1: 3%
  • Elite 2: 6%
  • WAH-X Stage 2: 8%
  • WAH-X Stage 3: 9%
  • Potential 5: +1%