Effect Resistance

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Effect Resistance or ERST for short represents how much Elemental Damage that the enemy can withstand.

Enemies' ERST values are not directly shown, instead displayed as one of the following ten ratings which roughly determines their amount:

SS >90
S+ 80 ~ 90
S 70 ~ 80
A+ 60 ~ 70
A 50 ~ 60
B+ 30 ~ 50
B 20 ~ 30
C 10 ~ 20
D 1 ~ 10
E 0

As of the release of Episode 14 in the CN server however, there are no enemies with more than 0 ERST.

Prior to the release of Zwillingsturme im Herbst on the Global server, this attribute was referred to as Elemental Resistance, and was likely changed due to the confusion between it and the similar Elemental RES stat.