Corrosion Damage

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Corrosion Damage.png

Corrosion Damage (Chinese: 侵蚀损伤; Pinyin: Qīnshí sǔnshāng; lit. "Erosion Damage") is an Elemental Damage in Arknights, introduced in Dossoles Holiday.


After Corrosion Damage reaches 1000, the affected unit has its DEF permanently reduced by 100 and takes 800 Physical damage.
—In-game tip

Corrosion Damage's burst effect causes the victim to take 800 Physical damage and have their DEF permanently reduced by 100 which can stack without a limit (e.g. -200 on the second explosion, -500 on the fifth explosion, etc.), with a cooldown of 10 seconds.


Friendly units who are being affected by Erosion for being on tiles submerged by the High Tide will periodically receive Corrosion Damage in addition to receiving additional Corrosion Damage when attacked.


Enemy Method Value
Tidal Caster sprite.png
Tidal Leader sprite.png
Caster Speedboat sprite.png
Tidal Leader Speedboat sprite.png
Attack 80% ATK
Unmanned Explosive Boat sprite.png
Unmanned Heavy Explosive Boat sprite.png
Pancho's Explosive Boat sprite.png
Explosion when defeated (radius 1.25 tiles) 170% ATK
Pancho Salas
  • Water cannon in the first phase
  • Attack in the second phase
  • Water cannon: 20% ATK
  • Attack: 30% ATK
Armorless Union Third Squad sprite.png
Armorless Union Third Squad Leader sprite.png
Lazurite, Monique
Armorless Union Cleanup Squad sprite.png
Armorless Union Cleanup Squad Leader sprite.png
Lazurite, Roy
Attack 35% ATK
Bone Sea Drifter sprite.png
20% ATK
Tidelinked Archon sprite.png
Tidelinked Immortal sprite.png
Skimming Sea Drifter sprite.png
50% ATK
"Paranoia Illusion"
Baleful Broodling sprite.png
60% ATK
"Damazti Cluster"
Attack, Derivative Iteration, and Lifeline Burst (also applies to the Isomorphic Fragments)* 25% ATK
Deconstructed Distortion sprite.png


Only usable in DH operations, the following Stickers can remove Corrosion Damage for different classes at varying rates: