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The information for SilverAsh's Truesilver Slash skill. The number next to the white chevron (circled in red) denotes the skill's initial SP, while the number next to the green lightning bolt denotes the skill's SP cost. "Auto Recovery" denotes that the skill uses automatic SP recovery.

Skill Points (SP) are a numerical value which represents the charging progress of a skill.

Skills can only be activated when its SP is equal to the SP cost, with most having a certain amount of initial SP when the unit is deployed.


Units recover SP in three different ways, with each recovering 1 SP in every instance.

  • Automatic Recovery: Recovers SP every second.
  • Offensive Recovery: Recovers SP each time the unit attacks (including healing for Medics).
  • Defensive Recovery: Recovers SP each time the unit is attacked, even if the attack is dodged or resisted.

SP can also be restored through various means, denoted by blue "x SP" visible on each instance with x denoting the amount of SP restored; see the Restoration section below for details.

Skills that can be Overcharged (known as "Charged" in-game) can recover/restore additional SP after being charged, up to twice the SP cost (e.g. a skill that costs 30 SP needs to have a total of 60 SP to be Overcharged) and have additional effects if activated in this state.

Duelist Defenders can neither recover nor restore SP while they are not blocking enemies, but their Operator Modules mitigate this to varying degrees:

  • The HES-X Module reduces the Duelist's SP recovery and restoration rate by 80% while they are not blocking enemies.
  • The HES-Y Module allows the Duelist to restore SP while not blocking enemies.

Necrosis Damage's burst effect on friendly units cause the victim to lose 1 SP every second (unless the skill is already active).

Certain Challenge Modes or Adverse Environments and Contingency Contract modifiers impose a handicap to automatic (and only automatic) SP recovery, which could be flat (e.g. -0.2 SP/sec.) or percentage-based (e.g. -50%), as well as increasing the SP cost of skills, the former of which can actually be counteracted by modifiers.


Many Operators have the ability to restore their own SP and that of other friendly units, but aside from three specific cases listed in the table below, those will not be listed here due to their numbers.

  • With the CCR-Y Module, Core Casters restore 1 SP whenever they damage an elite or boss enemy.
  • With the DEA-Y Module, Deadeye Snipers restore 1 SP whenever they attacks so long as it would not defeat/destroy the target.
  • Portable Supply Stations restore 3 SP every 4 seconds to the friendly unit ahead of it, which stacks if a single friendly is supported by multiple Supply Stations.
  • Friendly "Gelato Stops" restore 1 SP every 2 seconds to friendly units within its area-of-effect, but does not stack if a single friendly is in the AoE of multiple Stops.
  • Certain Collectibles in Integrated Strategies, notably Royal Liqueur, causes friendly units with an Offensive or Defensive Recovery skill to periodically restore 1 SP. Some also causes friendly units to restore SP under specific conditions.
Operator Source Information
Archetto icon.png
Landen Tactics
  • Snipers with an Offensive Recovery skill (including Archetto herself) periodically restore SP while Archetto is deployed.
    • Elite 1: 1 SP every 3 seconds
    • Elite 2: 1 SP every 2.5 seconds
    • MAR-X Stage 2: 1 SP every 2.3 seconds
    • MAR-Y Stage 3: 1 SP every 2.2 seconds
  • When Archetto's MAR-X Operator Module is upgraded, Landen Tactics' interval is further reduced for Archetto herself if there is another Sniper deployed.
    • Stage 2: 1 SP every 2 seconds
    • Stage 3: 1 SP every 1.8 seconds
Blemishine icon.png
Sword and Shield
  • Friendly units with a Defensive Recovery skill (including Blemishine herself if she uses Skill-Blemishine2.png Deterring Radiance or Skill-Blemishine3.png Divine Avatar) restores 1 SP whenever they attacks while Blemishine is deployed.
  • When Blemishine's GUA-Y Module is upgraded, she also restores SP whenever another Kazimierz Operator is deployed.
    • Stage 2: 2 SP
    • Stage 3: 3 SP
Ch'en icon.png
  • Friendly units with an Offensive/Defensive Recovery skill periodically restores SP while Ch'en is deployed.
    • Elite 1: 1 SP every 5 seconds
    • Elite 2: 1 SP every 4 seconds
    • SWO-X Stage 2+: 1 SP every 3 seconds
  • When Ch'en's SWO-X Module is updated to Stage 3, Ch'en herself restores 1 additional SP from Scolding.



  • Modifiers marked by an asterisk (*) in the table below are mutually exclusive with the strongest taking precedence over the others.
  • With the DEC-X Module, the automatic SP recovery rate of Decel Binder Supporters is increased by 0.2/sec. if there are enemies inside their attack range.
  • With the GEE-X Module, the automatic SP recovery rate of Geek Specialists is increased by 0.25/sec. so long as their HP is above 80%.
  • Certain Collectibles in I.S., notably Dreaming Essence, increases the automatic SP recovery rate of friendly units.
Operator Subject Interaction
Corroserum icon.png
Tactical Readjustment Increases Corroserum's automatic SP recovery rate after he does not attack for 4 seconds.
  • Elite 1: 0.2/sec.
  • Elite 2: 0.45/sec.
  • BLA-X Stage 2: 0.6/sec.
  • BLA-X Stage 3: 0.65/sec.
  • Potential 5: +0.05/sec.
Eunectes icon.png
Resilience Increases Eunectes' automatic SP recovery rate by 0.2/sec. while she is blocking enemies.
Heidi icon.png
Private Messenger* Increases the automatic SP recovery rate of friendly units within Heidi's range (including herself) by 0.5/sec. when deployed in Episode 10 operations.
Mostima icon.png
Skill Aura - Caster* Increases the automatic SP recovery rate of Casters (including Mostima herself) while Mostima is deployed.
  • Elite 1: 0.2/sec.
  • Elite 2: 0.4/sec.
Passenger icon.png
Lone Soldier When Passenger's CHA-X Operator Module is upgraded, Lone Soldier also increases Passenger's automatic SP recovery rate.
  • Stage 2: 0.15/sec.
  • Stage 3: 0.25/sec.
Pinecone icon.png
Portable Energy Source Increases Pinecone's automatic SP recovery rate for 60 seconds after she is deployed.
  • Elite 1: 0.2/sec.
  • Elite 2: 0.45/sec.
  • Potential 5: +0.05/sec.
Ptilopsis icon.png
Skill Aura* Increases the automatic SP recovery rate of friendly units (including Ptilopsis herself) while Ptilopsis is deployed.
  • Elite 1: 0.15/sec.
  • Elite 2: 0.3/sec.

When Ptilopsis' RIN-X Operator Module is upgraded, the effect of Skill Aura is increased to 0.33/sec. at Stage 2 or 0.35/sec. at Stage 3 on friendly units within her healing range.

Shining icon.png
Code of Law When Shining's PHY-X Module is upgraded, Code of Law also increases Shining's automatic SP recovery rate if she is using Skill-Shining3.png Creed Field.
  • Stage 2: 0.45/sec.
  • Stage 3: 0.6/sec.
Shirayuki icon.png
Circling Wind
(ART-X Stage 2+)
Increases Shirayuki's automatic SP recovery rate for 10 seconds after she defeats an enemy.
  • Stage 2: 0.2/sec.
  • Stage 3: 0.3/sec.
Specter the Unchained icon.png
Ægir's Depths* When Specter the Unchained's PUM-Y Module is upgraded, Ægir's Depths also increases the automatic SP recovery rate of Abyssal Hunters Operators (including the Unchained herself).
  • Stage 2: 0.3/sec.
  • Stage 3: 0.5/sec.
Suzuran icon.png
Skill Aura - Supporter* Increases the automatic SP recovery rate of Supporters (including Suzuran herself) while Suzuran is deployed.
  • Elite 1: 0.2/sec.
  • Elite 2: 0.4/sec.
Vermeil icon.png
Hunter's Wisdom
  • Elite 1: 0.15/sec.
  • Elite 2: 0.3/sec.
  • MAR-X Stage 2: 0.35/sec.
  • MAR-X Stage 3: 0.4/sec.

Initial SP

Operator Subject Interaction
Bagpipe icon.png
Military Tradition Increases the initial SP of Vanguards' skills (including Bagpipe herself) by 6 (+2 P5) while Bagpipe is in the squad.

SP lockout

SP lockout is a colloquial term which refers to a period where a unit cannot recover/restore SP. Units with an offensive/defensive SP recovery skill can still recover SP, but cannot restore SP during an SP lockout.

Units enter SP lockout when:

  • Their Manual skill is charged but not activated, indicated by a full, green SP meter. This is also the case for skills that can be Overcharged once it enters said state.
  • Their Auto skill is charged but not activated due to there being no valid targets within range, indicated by an orange SP meter.
  • The skill is active, indicated by a depleting orange SP meter. This is also the case for skills with unlimited duration; skills with instant effects, such as Power Strike skills, are considered to be active for a brief period, as can be seen by the meter that turns orange and depletes very quickly.
    • Because of this, Hung and Saria cannot restore their own SP with Skill-Hung2.png Medical Mode Countermeasure and Refreshment, respectively.
  • Their skill is Passive, in which case the SP meter is absent.
  • Silence's Skill-Silence1.png Medical Drone and Shamare's Skill-Shamare2.png Cursed Doll are charged but the respective summon is not deployed, indicated by a transparent SP meter.
  • The usage limit of the skill is reached, also indicated by a transparent SP meter.

Only few Operators who can ignore SP lockout, notably Siege with her Crushing (especially noticeable when she defeats an enemy with Skill-Siege1.png Aerial Hammer) and those with instant effect skills that can store multiple charges (e.g. Ifrit w/ Skill-Ifrit2.png Pyroclasm).

In most cases, units cannot be forced out of SP lockout without the player's intervention or when enemies entered their range. For example:

  • W will not deploy a Front Toward Enemy if there are no open, deployable tiles within her range.
  • Leonhardt's Skill-Leonhardt1.png Deconstruct and Detonate cannot be activated if there are no enemies within his range.


  • The only enemies who visibly makes use of SP are the Sui-Xiang (for Its Omnidirectional Breath, whose meter actually represents the ability's SP) and Ishar'mla, Heart of Corruption (whose transformation is actually governed by SP which can be clearly seen whenever the timer is shortened). Most enemies' active abilities are also governed by SP in a similar way to other units.