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Only restores SP when blocking enemies.
—Trait description

Duelist Defender is a branch of the Defender class in Arknights.

Unlike any other Defenders, Duelist Defenders can only block a single enemy but offsets that by having a much higher HP and ATK than other Defenders – the former is almost on par with Juggernaut Defenders while the latter is close to Dreadnought Guards and have an attack range of the tile ahead of them like other melee Operators, though this also comes with a very high DP cost as well.

Duelist Defenders are notably unable to generate SP while not blocking enemies, making it difficult to charge up their skill if they are not deployed on high-traffic areas.


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Operator Modules

Module Information
HES-X module.png
Trait improved:
SP recovery is slowed except when blocking enemies
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Cement icon.png
Eunectes icon.png
HES-Y module.png
Trait improved:
SP does not recover when not blocking an enemy. When blocking an enemy, gain SP recovery, ATK +15%, and DEF +15%
Eunectes icon.png
  • The HES-X Module reduces the Duelist Defender's SP recovery and restoration rate by 80% while they are not blocking enemies.
  • The HES-Y Module actually reduces the Duelist Defender's SP recovery rate by 99.9% while they are not blocking enemies, effectively disabling their automatic SP recovery yet allowing the Duelist to restore SP regardless of whether they are blocking enemies or not.



  • The HES-X Module allows the Duelist Defender to charge up their skill outside combat, albeit at a very slow rate (which is actually affected by SP generation buffs).
  • The HES-Y Module not only allows the Duelist Defender to receive SP from other sources (e.g. Portable Supply Station, Liskarm and Warfarin's talents), but also improves their combat prowess while engaging an enemy up close.