Low-Altitude Hovering

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Cannot be blocked or attacked by melee attacks.
—In-game tip

Low-Altitude Hovering is a unique enemy property in Arknights.


Low-Altitude Hovering makes a ground enemy treated as an aerial enemy as well; they can move over friendly units and hazardous terrain, and can only be attacked by ranged attacks in addition to being unable to be shifted, but cannot move over impassable terrain. As such, if Low-Altitude Hovering enemies are forced/scripted to move through Roadblocks or similar, the enemy will hover past it, and those that prioritize aerial enemies will attack Low-Altitude Hovering enemies over ground ones.

Some enemies with Low-Attitude Hovering are notably vulnerable to disabling Negative Statuses; should they be inflicted by one, the enemy will temporarily or permanently lose the Low-Altitude Hovering depending on the enemy in question.

Dublinn Flying Soldier
Dublinn Flying Squad Leader
Fashion Street "Ordinary Aviator"
Fashion Street "Hyperactive Aviator"
Serrant Fowlbeast
Daimoserrant Fowlbeast
Arc Commando
Arc Commando Captain
Skimming Sea Drifter
Dolly, "Sovereign of Sheep"
"Paranoia Illusion"
Sverdsmeltr, Guardian Ember of the King
  • Arc Commando (Captains) gain Low-Altitude Hovering if their movement speed is ever increased to at least 0.9 tiles/second.
  • (Daimo)serrant Fowlbeasts' Low-Altitude Hovering will be disabled for 10 seconds when they are affected by Negative Statuses.
  • Dolly's Low-Altitude Hovering will be lost for 12 seconds when his Wool Shield is depleted, after which he regains it.
  • Mandragora has Low-Altitude Hovering while her Stoneshield is present in the second phase.
  • If the Paranoia Illusion loses its Low-Altitude Hovering on the first phase, it will be restored upon entering the second phase.
  • Sverdsmeltr gains Low-Altitude Hovering on his second phase, which will be lost after he absorbs Reforged Retinues.
  • Ya's Mirage and Delusion has Low-Altitude Hovering, while Ya Itself has it on Its second phase.


  • When an enemy with Low-Altitude Hovering loses it while over a hole, they will instantly disappear instead of playing a shrinking animation like other enemies do upon being defeated through it.