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All enemies are boosted and Famiglia (Shadow) Silencer[sic] is summoned when Blood Debt is at max.
—Descriptions of operations with the Blood Ledger mechanic

Blood Ledger is an operation mechanic[note 1] in Arknights, featured in Il Siracusano.


Incur the wrath of the Volsiniian Mafia famiglie by messing around with their members or even people under their protection at your own peril; the famiglia will account these offenses as a "blood debt" and you'd better pick a god and pray should you owe them too much of it, as the famiglia will show you the meaning of "blood for blood" in the hard way.

This is represented by the Blood Ledger meter shown on the HUD, below the enemy and Life Point count. Whenever certain Famiglia enemies or Siracusan Civilians are defeated, they will cause the Blood Debt to accumulate, increasing the Blood Ledger by varying amounts, with some enemies can also do so periodically; see the table below for more information. The Blood Debt also increases on its own at a rate of 3 every second.

Asset Liquidation mark.png

The Blood Ledger meter will turn from white to red as it is filled up. Should the Blood Ledger reaches 500, it will trigger an Asset Liquidation, indicated by a claw mark on the middle of the meter and it turning blood-red, as well as black smoke on the edges of the screen, where:

The Asset Liquidation lasts until the Blood Ledger is depleted over 35 seconds, during which it will not further increase.

Blood Debt sources

Enemy Method Value
When defeated 20/35 (Elite)
When defeated 80
Special ability (lasts 8 seconds, 5/10 seconds cooldown) 5 per second
When an enemy is defeated in a radius of 1.8 tiles around a (Heavy) Capo (including themselves) 40
When defeated 40
Furious Howl (only used outside Asset Liquidations in the second phase; lasts 5.5 seconds, 5/40 seconds cooldown) 35 per second


Enemy Interaction
Their attacks deal Arts damage during Asset Liquidations.
Their ATK/DEF and ASPD are increased by 15% and 50, respectively, during Asset Liquidations.
  • Increases the automatic Blood Debt generation rate by 2/sec..
  • During Asset Liquidations, Agenir's attack has a global range.
Reduces Blood Debt by 1 every second (cannot be reduced below 0) while present, which stacks if multiple Civilians are present.
Increases the automatic Blood Debt generation rate by 1/sec..


Blood Ledger is featured in all IS operations except IS-1, and:

Integrated Strategies Rock and a Hard Place
Trials for Navigator Path of the Faithful

Unique to Path of the Faithful, no Famiglia Cleaners will be spawned whenever an Asset Liquidation starts.


  1. Actually provided by a static device named Vendetta, which is hidden in-game.