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Invulnerable and unable to take any actions.
—In-game tip

Sleep is a debuff in Arknights.


Only enemy units that can be put to Sleep with the visual effect to indicate that they are Sleeping varies depending on the inflicting Operator. In this state, the enemy is disabled (as if they are Stunned) but are invulnerable, preventing Sleeping enemies from being targeted/affected by anything until they wake up. However, buffs and debuffs will still affect Sleeping enemies if they are applied before the enemy is put to Sleep.

Though not stated in-game, Sleeping enemies are treated as being unblockable.[note 1]


Operator Source Range/target Duration
Blacknight icon.png
Peaceful Slumber
Enemies adjacent to the Slumberfoot
  • Level 1-6: 4 seconds
  • Level 7-Spec. 2: 5 seconds
  • Spec. 3: 6 seconds
Blemishine icon.png
Deterring Radiance
10 seconds
(GUA-X Operator Module Stage 2+)
On deployment
  • GUA-X Stage 2: 5 seconds
  • GUA-X Stage 3: 8 seconds
Erato icon.png
Lullaby's Meter
Attack when charged 5 seconds
Iris icon.png
Dreamland's Cradle
Up to 2 enemies within attack range 7 seconds
Kafka icon.png
Cube of Absurdism
5 seconds
Sora icon.png
Hymn of Respite
7 seconds
Terra Research Commission icon.png
Felyne Lottery Bomb Randomly on attack unless when the talent is disabled 1 second



Operator Subject Interaction
Blacknight icon.png
  • The Slumberfoot can attack Sleeping enemies and targets them over the others.[note 2]
  • While Skill-Blacknight2.png Peaceful Slumber is active, the Slumberfoot deals increased damage when attacking Sleeping enemies.
    • Level 1: 1.2×
    • Level 2: 1.25×
    • Level 3: 1.3×
    • Level 4: 1.35×
    • Level 5: 1.4×
    • Level 6: 1.45×
    • Level 7: 1.5×
    • Spec. 1: 1.7×
    • Spec. 2: 1.9×
    • Spec. 3: 2×
Blemishine icon.png
  • Blemishine can attack Sleeping enemies and targets them over the others.[note 2][note 3]
  • When attacking Sleeping enemies, Blemishine's ATK is increased.
    • Elite 1: 20%
    • Elite 2: 40%
    • GUA-X Stage 2: 50%
    • GUA-X Stage 3: 60%
    • Potential 5: +4%
Erato icon.png
Song of Dreams Erato can attack Sleeping enemies;[note 2] from Elite 1, her attacks ignore a portion of the target's DEF against Sleeping enemies.
  • Elite 1: 40%
  • Elite 2: 50%
  • SIE-X Stage 2: 55%
  • SIE-X Stage 3: 60%
Heroes' Paean
Erato attacks Sleeping enemies over the others while Heroes' Paean is active.


Enemies with Low-Altitude Hovering will lose it when put to Sleep for the first time, unless if they are immune to Sleep themselves.


  1. By giving them the BLOCK_FREE unit flag used by Faust and Wraith (Leaders) among others.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Because Sleeping enemies are unblockable, invisible enemies put to Sleep will return to their invisible status, thus preventing them from being attacked by both melee and ranged units unless when revealed by detectors.
  3. If the enemy is blocked while behind Blemishine and they are put to Sleep, she sometimes cannot attack them as they are technically outside her range; as blocked enemies count as "being in an operator's range" regardless of whether the intersection of range and their hitbox allows for that.