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This article is about the enemy type. For the RIIC resource, see Drone.

Drone is one of the types of enemies in Arknights. They represent unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) used by various Terran factions offensively or defensively.

All Drones are flying units, thus it is advised to have at least one ranged Operator to counter them.




Ursus Army


Kazimierz Major

Unlike other drones, Kazimierz Major drones do not travel into a Protection Objective, instead heading outside the map, which does not incur a Life Point loss. Should the player manage to shoot these drones down, they will grant various bonuses to help the player clearing the operation.


Multivariate Cooperation

Similar to Kazimierz Major drones, Multivariate Cooperation drones grant various deployable objects to use should the player manage to shoot them down, but they are only spawned for the lower player through the activation of a Drone Factory by the upper player. In the event MC drones manage to enter a Protection Objective, they will not cause a Life Point loss.


Air Support

Unlike other drones, Air Support drones are not spawned normally; rather, they are spawned through the abilities of Tactical Crossbowmen, Tactical Defenders, and War Phantoms from a Mobile Tactical Hangar, where they will fly to the location marked by the summoner and loiters there for a period of time, after which they will self-destruct. Air Support drones will only activate their ability once they reached the marked location.

Air Support drones are not included to the enemy counter and will not keep the operation from ending after all other enemies have been defeated.


Karlan Trade


Kazdel Military Commission






Stationary Security Service



Operator Subject Interaction
Structural Decomposition
  • Arene attack Drones over other enemies.
  • From Elite 1, Arene's attacks deal more damage against Drones:
    • Elite 1: 20%
    • Elite 2: 40%
    • Potential 5: +3%
Countermeasure Device
  • Glaucus attack Drones over other enemies.
  • Glaucus' attacks deal more damage against Drones:
    • Elite 1: 1.25×
    • Elite 2: 1.5×
    • DEC-X Stage 2: 1.65×
    • DEC-X Stage 3: 1.75×
    • Potential 5: +0.5×

Drones inside a Jammer's radius cannot attack, have their speed reduced, and are Silenced.