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Not to be confused with Inspiration.
Increases the ATK and DEF of enemy units when on the battlefield.
—Traits of Guerrilla Herald and Guerrilla Herald Leader

Inspire is a unique enemy mechanic in Arknights.


When Inspired, gains {ability}.
—Traits of certain Guerrilla enemies

Made of ex-Ursus Army veterans who have seen much battle, Patriot's Guerrillas are known for their coordination especially when aided by battlefield messengers and in the presence of their leader Patriot which inspires them to greater fighting spirit, allowing them to come out victorious in battles when given the opportunity.

While a Guerrilla Herald (Leader) or Patriot himself is present on the map, all enemies will be Inspired and have their ATK and DEF increased by 10% and 100 (20% and 200 for Patriot), respectively, which stacks additively without a limit if multiple Heralds are present (alongside Patriot). In addition, the following enemies will receive additional abilities while Inspired, telegraphed by their eyes glowing red:

Guerrilla enemy Inspire abilities
Guerrilla Fighter
Guerrilla Fighter Leader
Have +0.3 speed.
Guerrilla Sniper
Guerrilla Sniper Leader
Their attacks can hit up to two targets within range at once.
Guerrilla Mortar
Guerrilla Mortar Leader
Have +50 ASPD.
Guerrilla Siegebreaker
Guerrilla Siegebreaker Leader
Have +50% ATK.

As such, it is highly advised to eliminate Heralds first in order to deny the rest's Inspire effects and level the playing field.