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Infected Creature is one of the types of enemies in Arknights. They are Terran fauna that become Infected from their exposure towards Originium, which sometimes give them additional capabilities.


Originium slugs

Named so due to Originium ores embedded in their body, these large, omnivorous gastropods are abundant in number and typically utilized as "cannon fodder" by relying on sheer numbers to overwhelm the opposition although some have more specialized functions.

Despite the presence of Originium in their body, Originium slugs never contracts Oripathy upon physical contact with an individual, contrary to popular belief.[1]

Originium Slug sprite.png
Originium Slug α sprite.png
Originium Slug β sprite.png
Acid Originium Slug sprite.png
Acid Originium Slug α sprite.png
Infused Originium Slug sprite.png
Infused Originium Slug α sprite.png
Infused Glacial Originium Slug sprite.png
Infused Glacial Originium Slug α sprite.png
Fluorescent Originium Slug sprite.png
Radioactive Originium Slug sprite.png
Radioactive Originium Slug α sprite.png
Blazing Originium Slug sprite.png
Pyric Originium Slug sprite.png
Blackwater Originium Slug sprite.png
Blackwater Originium Slug α sprite.png
"Shiny Pooloo"
"Drifting Cabin"

Interestingly, Infused Originium Slugs are considered to be in the same species as Originium slugs, even though they are clearly arachnids instead of gastropods.


These canines are utilized in a similar way to war dogs, whether for attack and reconnaissance duties, making good use of their high speed and deceptively strong bites.

The hounds' origin remains a mystery as they do not resemble any known Terran animal which possess chimeric traits, but it is implied that they are genetically-engineered animals born from a secret Bolívarian military project.[2][3] In fact, these "hounds" are actually born from several Beast Lords, the "Lords of the Dogs", who were unfortunately captured by the Bolívarian military and were experimented upon to obtain their supernatural traits via their Beast Kins.[4] As a consequence, their presence often brings discomfort to the Perros who strongly opposes their use as the power of the Beast Lords gives off a lamenting vibe to humans.[5]

Winterwisp Hound sprite.png
Winterwisp Hound Pro sprite.png
Military Hound sprite.png
Elite Military Hound sprite.png
Hound sprite.png
Hound Pro sprite.png
Rabid Hound Pro sprite.png
Frostfang sprite.png
Razorfrost sprite.png
Tactical Hound sprite.png
Tactical Hound Pro sprite.png
Guerrilla Hound sprite.png
Guerrilla Hound Pro sprite.png

Interestingly, Dublinn Sniffer Hounds and Dublinn Sniffer Hound Pros are not classified as Infected Creatures, even though other Hound derivatives are.


The "Essence of Evolution", an Originiutant

Originiutants (a portmanteau of "Originium" and "mutant") are mutants born from the fusion of Originium particles and radioactive mutagens, courtesy of Levi Klitschko's research after he was transported into Terra. These aberrations are notable for being able to parasitize other creatures and replicate themselves within their bodies, and release themselves upon the host's death with some are capable of releasing the "spawns" at will.

Originiutants use animals native to Sargon as their hosts; the only exceptions to this are Originiutant Puppets (which are corpses "zombified" by the parasite) and Originiutants (that appears to be either artificial, i.e. genetically engineered, or a result of extreme mutations).

Originiutant Puppet sprite.png
Mutant Sand Beast sprite.png
Mutant Sand Beast α sprite.png
Mutant Rock Spider sprite.png
Mutant Rock Spider α sprite.png
Originiutant Excrescence sprite.png
Originiutant Tumor sprite.png
Mutant Giant Rock Spider sprite.png
Mutant Giant Rock Spider α sprite.png
Originiutant sprite.png
Originiutant α sprite.png
"Essence of Evolution"


These crustaceans have bodies similar to that of water scorpions and coconut crabs, and their strong claws allows them to cause serious damage as well as thick hides which could resist incoming attacks.

Swamp Gloompincer sprite.png
Enraged Swamp Gloompincer sprite.png
Training Gloompincer sprite.png
Vicious Training Gloompincer sprite.png
Undertide Gloompincer sprite.png
Undertide Gloompincer α sprite.png
"Fruit of Gluttony"

Metal Crabs

These crustaceans notably have thick scales which allows them to resist conventional and Arts attacks, but turned out to have a surprisingly low weight that can be exploited by displacing them into hazards.

Metal Crab sprite.png

Lorewise, Beanstalk's Metal Crab Guard Teams are considered to be in the same species as enemy Metal Crabs.


Small Symbiont sprite.png
"Nature's Compromise"


Operator Subject Interaction
Jaye icon.png
Anatomy Master Jaye's attacks deal more damage against Infected Creatures:
  • Elite 1: 1.25×
  • Elite 2: 1.45×
  • MER-X Stage 2: 1.5×
  • MER-X Stage 3: 1.55×
  • Potential 5: +0.5×
Snowsant icon.png
Bug Catcher
  • Infected Creatures attacked by Snowsant are Silenced for a short time:
    • Elite 1/2: 4 seconds
    • HOK-X Stage 2: 6 seconds
    • HOK-X Stage 3: 8 seconds
    • Potential 5: +4 seconds
  • At Elite 2, Snowsant's skills have their shift force increased by 1 when used against Infected Creatures.

In Integrated Strategies, the Condensed Suppressant increases the damage dealt by friendly units when attacking Infected Creatures to 2.5× and causes the attack to Silence them for 3 seconds.