Metal Crab Guard Team

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The Metal Crab Guard Team is a Reinforcement in Arknights, deployed through Beanstalk's Professional Breeder talent. They represent the namesake Terran terrestrial crustaceans bred by Beanstalk, which are distinct from enemy Metal Crabs by closely resembling Earth crabs albeit with a flower and grass growing on their head and carapace, respectively.





Blocks 1 enemy; can only be deployed within the summoner's Attack Range
Level Base.png Base.png MAX Elite 1.png Elite 1.png MAX Elite 2.png Elite 2.png MAX
HP.png HP 863 1121 1180 1440 1516 1895
ATK.png ATK 162 232 240 321 331 404
DEF.png DEF 158 226 234 304 314 388
RES.png RES 0
RDP.png Redeployment time N/A
COST.png DP cost 0
BLOCK.png Block count 1
ASPD.png Attack interval 1.25 seconds
Aggression level 0


Professional Breeder
Base.png Automatically respawns 20 seconds after being defeated
Elite 1.png Automatically respawns 17 seconds after being defeated
Elite 2.png Automatically respawns 15 seconds after being defeated