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The "Freeling" is a summoned unit in Arknights, deployed through Dusk's skill Image Over Form and talent Finishing Touch. It is a lesser Ink Spirit which, judging from the name, are likely descended from "Free".

A Freeling will appear on the melee tile where the enemy Dusk is attacking while Image Over Form is active or for the first time through Finishing Touch is located, unless if the tile is undeployable, and remains for 25 seconds. If a Freeling were to be summoned on a tile already occupied by one, that Freeling's HP will be fully restored and its timer will reset instead.

Stats-wise, Freelings have decent overall stats, which are compounded by their particularly high RES (more so than Ling's Thunderers), making them effective at baiting enemies' Arts attacks.





Deals Arts damage
Level Base.png Elite 1.png Elite 2.png Elite 2.png MAX
HP.png HP N/A 1997
ATK.png ATK N/A 398
DEF.png DEF N/A 302
RES.png RES N/A 50
RDP.png Redeployment time N/A 10 seconds
COST.png DP cost N/A 0
BLOCK.png Block count N/A 2
ASPD.png Attack interval N/A 1.9 seconds
Aggression level N/A 0
Additional information
The redeployment time is redundant as Freelings cannot be deployed at will.