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The Medic Drone, also known as Medical Drone, is a summoned unit in Arknights, deployed through Silence's second skill, Medical Drone, once it is charged, but only one Medic Drone may be available at a time.

The Medic Drone can be deployed in an open melee or ranged tile and rapidly heals friendly units in the surrounding tiles while it remains for 10 seconds (even if Silence leaves the map in the meantime), making it one of the most efficient healing sources in Arknights. It is worth noting that the Medic Drone's healing is still effective on friendly units with full HP, which can be useful for the Nachzehrer's Cane Collectible in Integrated Strategies.





Cannot be attacked; restores the HP of nearby friendly units
Level Base.png Elite 1.png Elite 2.png Elite 2.png MAX
HP.png HP N/A 1000
ATK.png ATK N/A 55 90 125
DEF.png DEF N/A 0
RES.png RES N/A 0
RDP.png Redeployment time N/A 5 seconds
COST.png DP cost N/A 5
BLOCK.png Block count N/A 0
ASPD.png Attack interval N/A 0.5 seconds
Aggression level N/A 0
Additional information
The redeployment time is only relevant if Silence can somehow charge up her Medical Drone fast enough to deploy two Medic Drones in quick succession.


10 seconds
Effect Initial SP SP cost Duration
Self-destructs in 10 seconds 10s