Mobile Buggy Cam

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The Mobile Buggy Cam or simply Buggy Cam, also known as Mobile Photography Module (M.P.M.),[1] is a summoned unit in Arknights, deployed through Scene's talent Camera Squad.

Buggy Cams boast good HP and ATK, can attack enemies on the tile ahead, and have the ability to reveal invisible enemies (e.g. Lurkers and Invisible Casters) in the surrounding tiles, making their use in operations where invisible enemies are present indispensable.

Scene uses her personal Buggy Cam with a self-aware feminine A.I. (similar to Lancet-2 and Justice Knight) named Lens to speak on her behalf most of the time.





Blocks 1 enemy
Level Base.png Base.png MAX Elite 1.png Elite 1.png MAX Elite 2.png Elite 2.png MAX
HP.png HP 1003 1254 1321 1592 1676 2020
ATK.png ATK 203 286 295 379 391 477
DEF.png DEF 155 219 226 291 300 367
RES.png RES 0
RDP.png Redeployment time 10 seconds
COST.png DP cost 5
BLOCK.png Block count 1
ASPD.png Attack interval 1.25 seconds
Aggression level 0
Additional information
When Scene's SUM-X Operator Module is upgraded, Mobile Buggy Cams also redudes the speed of enemies in the surrounding tiles by 5% (Stage 2)/8% (Stage 3), which stacks multiplicatively if a single enemy is in the speed reduction range of multiple Buggy Cams.


Panoramic Overload
Auto Recovery
10 seconds
Effect Initial SP SP cost Duration
All Buggy Cams are stunned for 5 seconds when the skill ends 10s



  • The Mobile Buggy Cam seen on Scene's artwork have six wheels while the deployed ones and the one in Panoramic Overload's icon have four. The former likely represents Lens while the latter represents the more generic Buggy Cams.