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The Kaminingyo (lit. "paper doll") is a summoned unit in Arknights, deployed through Kazemaru's second skill Origami Art - Twin Shadows. It is identical to Kazemaru's Substitute but are summoned on any open melee tiles around her when the skill is activated and considered as a distinct unit.

Unlike most other summons, the Kaminingyo can be healed and benefits from the ATK buff provided by Origami Art - Twin Shadows. However, it cannot block enemies at all even if the Kaminingyo's block count is increased through external means.





Cannot block enemies
Level Base.png Elite 1.png Elite 2.png Elite 2.png MAX
HP.png HP N/A 1479 1873 2372
ATK.png ATK N/A 481 633 772
DEF.png DEF N/A 202 263 318
RES.png RES N/A 0
RDP.png Redeployment time N/A 20 seconds
COST.png DP cost N/A 0
BLOCK.png Block count N/A 0
ASPD.png Attack interval N/A 1.2 seconds
Aggression level N/A 0
Additional information
  • The Kaminingyo can be healed by active/direct healing, unlike other summons.
  • The redeployment time is redundant as the Kaminingyo cannot be deployed at will.